5 Rabbit is the first US based Latin American-inspired brewery. We hope to bring the energy, passion and amazing richness of Latin culture and cuisine to the delicious world of craft beer.


The name 5 Rabbit was inspired by the mysticism, color, and playfulness of Latin heritage. Based on Aztec mythology, it represents the Latin American life force that inspires our beers and our company. We want to celebrate this vast and venerable tradition, carrying it into the future through the art of beer.

In Aztec mythology, the 400 Rabbits or Centzon Totochtin were the children of Mayahuel (the goddess of maguey) and Pantecatl (the god of fermentation). 5 Rabbit was one of the leaders of the 400 Rabbits, and was also one of the five deities, known collectively as Ahuiteteo, who symbolized excess and over-indulgence.

5 Rabbit and the other Ahuiteteo – 5 Flower, 5 Grass, 5 Lizard and 5 Vulture – bore the names of specific days in the Aztec calendar, common in that culture. The number five was associated with excess and loss of control. The native people of ancient Mexico revered the transformation of being in an altered state. It was considered liberating – not an earthly celebration, but a journey into the world of the gods.

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These beautiful old stories are just the beginning. Latin culture is rich and a layered tapestry of old worlds and new, but we are not interested in living in the past. Culture requires constant innovation to maintain its vitality, so all of our 5 Rabbit beers have a 21st century point of view.

The vast and delicious cuisines of Central and South America hold a treasure trove of flavors, aromas and textures, much of which feels right at home in a well-made beer. We combine these ingredients and ideas with our own experiences to make subtle and deeply delicious beers, not mere novelty items. Each beer speaks with our voice and adds to the story. We put the best ingredients together so that the whole beer adds up to much more than the sum of its parts.

5 Rabbit beers are mysterious and captivating; every sip reveals some new detail. We hope our beers will appeal not just to super-enthusiasts, but to everyone seeking fresh, unique and delicious beers.


El que estos dioses se dibujaran con el número “cinco” en el rostro y que siempre se escogiera, de la serie de sus signos de los días, como nombre suyo el relacionado con el número “cinco”, se debe probablemente al hecho de que este número significaba para los mexicanos aquello que rebasaba al sagrado número “cuatro”, el de los puntos cardinales: es decir, aquello que rebasaba lo normal”
— Códige Borgia