5 Rabbit beers are “brewed with píixan”. Píixan is an old Mayan language term loosely meaning “free spirit.” 5 Rabbit celebrates this notion in craft beer as well as food, art, community and other aspects of a good life. The “píixan way” influences every decision we make and every beer we brew at 5 Rabbit.
— Simón Fishsticks, brewery cat

Our beers are different

5 Rabbit beers are unlike any others. We always strive to create new experiences, so know that if someone is already doing it, we are not too interested. Every beer starts with an idea, each one executed to make it a unique creation. 

A huge culture to explore

We draw on half a world's worth of culture, nature and cuisine, which means we have inexhaustible ideas and flavors to work with. We aim our beers both at craft beer drinkers who enjoy lively flavors, and at Latinos seeking something that honestly and creatively reflects our traditions.

Our beers are food friendly

An important part of each beer's development process is to think about what food it harmonizes with and how it can be tweaked to be as food-friendly as possible. As a result, our beers are smooth and drinkable, but at the same time full flavored and bursting with tastes linked to many Latin American and international dishes.

Attention to detail and quality

With our 30bbl brewery up and running and multi-award winner brewmaster, we are making world class beers and constantly working to make every possible improvement. We source the best malt, hops and rare specialty ingredients from around the world to ensure the most luscious and liveliest of flavors.

5 Lizard is the first beer we ever packaged. Since then, it has taken a handful of Great American Beer Festival medals and has become a Chicago summer staple. Video by Michael Kiser - Good Beer Hunting