Chinga Tu Pelo Limited Edition Screen Printed Poster

Chinga Tu Pelo Poster gold detail.JPG
Chinga Tu Pelo Poster gold detail.JPG

Chinga Tu Pelo Limited Edition Screen Printed Poster


Limited run of 200 prints, hand numbered and signed by the artist. 18" x 24" poster. Gold and white on black heavy weight archival paper.

Designed by Zach Harris  - Printed by Steve Walters of Screwball Press

About Chinga Tu Pelo

In June of 2015, then presidential candidate Donald Trump made statements calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists.

At the time, we at 5 Rabbit Cervecería, a Latin-inspired and Latin-owned craft brewery, had been producing a house beer exclusively for the Trump Tower in Chicago, to serve as their house Blonde Ale. Although we are not normally in the business of making beer for others, it seemed like a good business opportunity for such a small craft brewery like us.

The following morning we informed our business contact at Trump Tower that we could no longer do business with them.

Days later, Univision, NBC, and other corporations that were in disagreement with the positions of candidate Trump, also severed ties with him due to his completely out of line remarks.

So there we were, with dozens of kegs of beer we had absolutely no use for, a precarious position for a small craft brewery. Dumping it would mean taking a massive financial hit, but we were prepared to do so.

Then we had an idea.

What if we called bar and restaurant owners in the area, people with whom we had personal, friendly relationships, and see if they might want to buy a keg or two? That way we wouldn't have to dump all of it away. 

The response was unfathomable. All of the kegs we had available were sold within the hour.

By the end of the day the "Trump Golden Ale" had a new name. Chinga Tu Pelo (Fuck Your Hair) became a phenomenon, not because of the speed at which it was sold, but because of its message of solidarity in favor of inclusion, acceptance and respect.



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