We have a true passion for beer


Our goal is to make beers that are fun, that feel completely at home in the Latin American culture, but are not derivative of anything in particular. Using chiles anchos and piloncillo cane sugar is a great example of ingredients we use and like to mix. We want to do something to honor ingredients and really make them add something special to the beer. Always striving for unique and complex creations.


The 5's are the heart and soul of our 5 Rabbit mission: layered and complex, yet surprisingly easy to drink. We strive for balance through careful use of malts, hops and specialty ingredients. These beers are specifically designed to be paired with food.

Gringolandia is our multicultural home. The place where we live, play and brew our beers. Gringolandia brings big craft beer flavor, focused through the lens of our Latin America meets Xicago experience. It is our tribute to the guts and glory that is American craft beer.

Las Chingonas are exactly what their name implies: bad ass. They are radical beers by nature, designed unconventionally, with inspiration ranging from the disorientingly abstract to the uncomfortably specific. Each one a unique creation, Chingonas make your drinking very special, especially when shared.

LOTERIA is what we call our crazy, wild, rare, teeny batch sometimes barrel-aged delicious test or maybe horrible mistake beers. Seriously hand-bottled (a real pain in the burro). We barely have any to sell, so consider yourself lucky to get a taste.

Named after the Spanish word for “popsicle,” Paletas are our grown-up summer refresher. They combine luscious fruits with subtle and sophisticated spices, all in a smooth creamy wheat beer. The flavors rotate all through the summer, so when it is over, they are gone.